10 Resume Writing Tips You Haven’t Heard Before

A well-drafted resume is the first step in getting you through to the company that you have always dreamt of. However, it is not the easiest thing to write a resume that not only highlights all your skills and experience but also makes you stand out from the rest. The recruiters would hardly look at your resume for ten seconds before deciding whether to give you a chance or not. So, you need to make an impression and you need to make it in a short time. And, these are 10 of the Best Resume Tips that will help you write the resume that stands out.

No Harm in Dropping Names

Ever since childhood, you have been told by elders that it is in poor taste to drop names anywhere in daily life. Well, when it comes to your resume, you can forget that childhood lesson for a while and drop names as much as you can. Include the names of all the renowned companies or clients you have worked with.

Including Your Address is not a Necessity

It is important to include your address in the resume if you live in the town or city because that will let the recruiter know that you live close by and can join at the earliest. But, when you are sending the CV to work for another city or region, it is best to avoid including the address. The recruiter might pass over your resume thinking you’d need relocation fees.

Your Email Address Tells a Lot About You

If you are sending the resume via email, then make sure you have an email address that sounds professional and has your name to make the right impression. Inappropriate email addresses (like coolboyme@gmail.com!) will not do, and neither will your present work email ID.

Include the Skills that Matter the Most

Skills like PC and MAC proficiency, knowledge of Microsoft Office, knowing how to handle emails, and so on are things that every job-seeker these days has. Filling up pages by writing about these skills would not leave a great impression on the recruiter. So, mention important skills you have that are needed in the job at hand.

Do Not Share all your Social Media Accounts

Most Professional Resume Templates have sections these days to include links to social media accounts. You should include those links, but make sure you include the ones that matter. Your LinkedIn account should be included, but your personal Instagram account or personal Facebook account that you use only for posting cat videos is not needed in there.

Write your Hobbies but Choose Them Carefully

Every hobby that you have does not need to go on that resume, but some do. For instance, write that you run marathons because it shows your determination and discipline. You can write that you have a blog based on something related to your field as it shows your knowledge and interest.

Use Performance Reviews that you have Received

Annual reviews are generally not the first thing that comes to your mind when you are filling out the details using an Online CV Maker. But, they highlight the key attributes of your work ethics and skills. So, there’s no harm in including certain goals you have met or feedback that you have received.

Use Keywords Sensibly in your Resume

Many of the recruiters these days using keyword scanners to narrow down the list of applicants. This is why you should always include words from the job description in your resume. However, stuffing in too many keywords would just make your resume get rejected.

The Generic Descriptions are No-longer Noteworthy

Proactive, self-motivated, hardworking, and self-dependent are the couple of words that you will find in almost all resumes these days. All job-seekers are hardworking and driven, so what sets you apart from them? Keep your focus on specific accomplishments and skills to cut.

Have a Journal Writing Down all your Accomplishments

Have a journal writing down all the positive feedback you have received and work accomplishments you have achieved. It will help you update the resume easier and faster. Include all the details that are important so that there is no need to track them down at a later date when you update the CV.

So, those were the ten Resume Writing Tips that will make sure that your CV impresses the hiring managers, and you get one step closer to your dream job.

Published by Pagehits- Online Resume Builder

At Pagehits, we believe creating a CV should be easy, that’s why we have dedicated ourselves in helping you to create an outstanding job landing CV & cover letter that will highlight your skills, experience, & education in 4 simple steps. For 5 years we have dedicated ourselves in making tools that propel your career to the next level.

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